Who we are:

The University of Canterbury Commerce Society (UCom) is one of the largest and most established clubs on campus. Established in 2003, UCom has grown to become the dominant commerce faculty society and the University of Canterbury (UC) and has a strong focus on developing social, faculty and industry relationships as well as providing academic support throughout the year.

UCom’s primary focus is to enhance the lives of commerce students at UC, and we welcome members from all faculties to be involved in what we have to offer. We aim to create a community within the College of Business and at UC.

UCom is run by a student executive that is either elected at our Annual General Meeting or by application for ex-officio roles. All the work done by our executives is unpaid and is critical to the success of our

Our objectives:

1. To create a community within the College of Business, and extend this throughout the University of Canterbury through offering a variety of top quality social events.
2. To provide opportunities for our members to connect with the industry, up-skill and improve their employability.
3. To support our members through their studies through offering tutorials, advice and mentoring.


The University of Canterbury Commerce Society was originally founded in 2003 when a group of students, originally part of the Accounting Society Executive, decided they wanted to create a society that caters to the needs of all commerce students at UC.

Since 2003, UCom has gone through a series of changes to become the prominent society it is today. We have had up to 1,500 members, and have been awarded “Best Event” and “Supreme Club” at the Supreme Club Awards, and have developed a whole new range of events and opportunities to help us achieve our objectives.